Dimensor PhotoPrint

Dimensor PhotoPrint 3.0

Easily create beautiful photorealistic 3D paper cut-outs
3.0 (See all)

Using Dimensor 3D PhotoPrint one can easily create beautiful photorealistic 3D paper cut-outs.
One starts assembling a rudimentary model using the virtual Dimensor construction-strips. Then one projects the photograph onto that model. By successively adapting that virtual model and projecting the photograph until the original object resembles the virtual 3D model, a realistic 3D image is created. Indeed this is some trial and error, but you always have success with this. Selecting ready-made models from the large library, and adapting these, you can quickly get a amazing result.
When the virtual 3D model is ready, one can print this model as a 3D paper cut-out on an ordinary printer.

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